PCCW Global selects the Djibouti Data Center (DDC) as a “critical element” for pan-African expansion

Djibouti Data Center (DDC) will support PCCW Global and their Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE1) submarine cable to deliver digital solutions in Asia, the Middle East, East Africa and Europe.
Hong Kong, November 16, 2016 - PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, has selected the Djibouti Data Center (DDC), to help facilitate network expansion, colocation and undersea fiber cable access services in East Africa. 
The Djibouti Data Center has been built to Tier III data center standards and serves as a major meeting point for undersea fiber cable systems including the new Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1) submarine cable designed to connect Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. PCCW Global is a founder member of the AAE-1 consortium which expects to be ready for service by early 2017.
Mr. Jordick Wong, SVP Product & Vendor Management, said, “The DDC is an important element of our wider pan-African development and expansion plans.  The addition of AAE-1 to PCCW Global’s existing undersea fiber cable assets in the region will enable us to provide even more robust services, along with lower latency and increased diversity, boosting services levels for our customers.”
Mr. Wong added: “AAE-1 will stretch approximately 25,000kms and employ 100Gbps technology, with a capacity of more than 40 terabits to provide customers with low-latency, and direct connectivity around the world.”
The AAE-1 system will connect Djibouti with Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Italy and France.
Djibouti Data Center’s CEO Anthony Voscarides said: “ The addition of AAE-1 cable system further establishes DDC as the leading carrier neutral data center hub in East Africa serving global and regional Telco’s, MNOs, ISPs, and CDN providers”. 
Mr. Voscarides added: “We are very pleased that PCCW Global will be joining the DDC ecosystem, as it further enables the development and introduction of new services that will help drive economic and social well-being in the region.”
The DDC is uniquely positioned in East Africa and will enable PCCW Global to establish cross-connect and colocation facilities directly adjacent to Djibouti Telecom’s cable landing stations.  In addition to supporting AAE-1 in the near future, the DDC provides access to fiber-cable systems such as EIG, EASSy, Aden-Djibouti, and Ethiopia-Djibouti.
About the Djibouti Data Center (DDC)
The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) is the first and only Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center ecosystem in east Africa with direct access to all major international and regional fiber optic systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia markets with Africa – including upcoming AAE1 and SeaMeWe5. The DDC also operates the Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX), a neutral and independent IXP in Africa.  The DjIX offers high speed, reliable, and resilient service. Both the DDC and DjIX are catalysts in east Africa that enable new applications and services that help to drive economic development and social well being in the region.  Learn more about the DDC products and services at www.djiboutidatacenter.com
About PCCW Global
PCCW Global is the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider, which is majority-owned by PCCW Limited. Covering more than 3,000 cities and 150 countries, the PCCW Global network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications solutions which include Ethernet, IP, fiber and satellite transmission solutions, international voice and VoIPX services, managed network & security services and our expanding “as-a-service” solutions including OTT video and Unified Communications.
PCCW Global is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains regional centers in Belgium, China, France, Greece, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. To learn more about PCCW Global, please visit www.pccwglobal.com.
About HKT
HKT (SEHK: 6823) is Hong Kong's premier telecommunications service provider and leading operator in fixed-line, broadband and mobile communication services. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public and local and international businesses with a wide range of services including local telephony, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile, and other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sales, outsourcing, consulting, and contact centers.
HKT offers Hong Kong’s only quadruple-play experience delivering media content on its fixed-line, broadband Internet access and mobile platforms jointly with its parent company, PCCW Limited.  HKT also provides a range of innovative and smart living services beyond connectivity to make the daily lives of customers more convenient, whether they are at home, in the workplace, or on the go.
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