Asia-Africa-Europe (AAE-1) and SEA-ME-WE5 Submarine Fiber Optic Cables Land in Djibouti

Asia-Africa-Europe (AAE-1) and SEA-ME-WE5 Submarine Fiber Optic Cables Land in Djibouti
The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) announces interconnections with both AAE-1 and SEA-ME-WE5, and continues to play an integral role in providing a Tier 3 data center ecosystem for operators expanding in east Africa

Djibouti City, Djibouti – March 23, 2016 - On March 6, 2016, the landing of the SEA-ME-WE5 submarine cable system in Djibouti Telecom’s Haramous cable landing station was announced.  SEA-ME-WE5 has a total length of 20,000 km and connects 17 countries across South-East Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe, including France, Saudi Arabia, India and Malaysia.

 The Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) submarine cable also landed in Djibouti in the first week of February 2016.  The 25,000-km AAE-1 cable, which will run from China to France, is scheduled to enter service in late 2016.
 AAE1 and SEA-ME-WE5 will augment the nine other cable systems already connected with the Djibouti Data Center (DDC), which plays an integral role in providing a Tier 3 data center ecosystem in support of strengthening the inter-connectivity of network service providers and operators in east Africa with regional partners in Europe and the Far East.   
“The DDC is now even better positioned in east Africa to attract and serve major global service and content providers, and strengthens the position of the DDC ecosystem as a major carrier neutral data center and Internet hub in Africa,” says Anthony Voscarides, CEO of the DDC. “The addition of both AAE-1 and SEA-ME-WE-5 cable systems continues the trend of transforming service and Internet connectivity in east Africa.   The DDC continues to take a leadership role in providing connectivity that drives next generation services necessary for economic and social development in the entire region.”
The DDC is uniquely positioned in east Africa and enables global and regional operators to establish cross connect and collocation facilities directly adjacent to Djibouti Telecom’s cable landing stations.  In addition to AAE1 and SEA-ME-WE5, the DDC currently provides strategic access to other fiber cable systems serving global connections to east Africa including among others, SeaMeWe3, Aden-Djibouti, EASSy, and EIG.
About the Djibouti Data Center (DDC)

The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) is the first and only Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center ecosystem in east Africa with direct access to all major international and regional fiber optic systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia markets with Africa – including upcoming AAE1 and SMW5. The DDC also operates the Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX), a neutral and independent IXP in Africa.  The DjIX offers high speed, reliable, and resilient service. Both the DDC and DjIX are catalysts in east Africa that enable new applications and services that help to drive economic development and social well being in the region.  Learn more about the DDC products and services at www.djiboutidatacenter.com
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