At the Djibouti Data Center (DDC) we believe we can Make Life Better and improve people's lives through our business.  The DDC launched operations in March of 2013, and 2017 proved to be another pivotal year of growth and development.  We continue to focus our efforts on providing our customers with superior service and support, but our vision does not stop here.  We believe that our mission must extend to good citizenship and working on ways to enhance the communities that we operate in. 
At the DDC, we are now building on our commitment to a higher standard of business and social responsibility.  We want to Make Life Better.  We believe that improving and giving back to the communities where we operate is of paramount importance.  Our goal is to start and grow community programs with local partners to improve health, education, and community development, and to help improve the future of children, their families, and communities in need.
To do this, the DDC is donating a percentage of our profits to charity and humanitarian initiatives aimed at helping those in need.  We are now working with others who have experience in grass-roots volunteer efforts in schools, orphanages, health clinics and neighborhood associations, and are forging the framework for better things to come.
We are also inviting and challenging our customers, vendors, and business related companies to "match" our contributions  - both cash and/or non-cash options.  The multiplying effect of the incremental donations can amplify many times over the positive impact of serving the needs of the people in communities where we can make a difference.
We'll continue to travel this path and communicate with you along the journey.  We’ll also be acknowledging our corporate partners (with their permission of course) on our web site and in other forums to recognize and applaud their generous participation and support.
Should you wish to learn more about our program, and how you can help us Make Life Better, please contact:
John Melick
Chairman & Chief Giving Officer
Djibouti Data Center

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