Easily and effectively exchange Internet traffic in Africa

Africa is now arguably the fastest growth region for new data center and Internet services in the world.  As Africa’s Internet user base grows, the need to coordinate and manage the growth and development of the Internet becomes increasingly important.  Being able to deliver consistent, reliable Internet service is fundamental to a better customer experience and overall service excellence. The DjIX is a significant catalyst for achieving this goal as it contributes materially to the terrestrial infrastructure in east Africa,. 

The Djibouti Internet Exchange  (DjIX) facilitates an OPEN IP peering platform in a carrier neutral Data Center.  The DjIX leverages the core carrier neutral DDC ecosystem and its unique access to 11 international and regional fiber cable systems, and is designed to enhance regional connectivity, performance, reduce network latency, and enhance Internet service provider cooperation.

Based on Juniper high speed switching technologies and the use of route servers, the DjIX is a new IP ecosystem in the heart East Africa, and is capable of reaching the entire region via an extensive existing network of transoceanic and regional fiber cable systems that hub through Djibouti. (Click here to see cable systems hubbing in Djibouti )

The DjIX effectively lowers the overall IP transit costs while delivering enhanced end-to-end network performance, speed, and reliability.


DjIX Standard Offerings and Features


  • Public VLAN - offers OPEN access to all peering participants
  • 24x7 Network Operations Center and support
  • 99.99% uptime with dual port access
  • Best practice information on peering and interconnection
  • Access to Peering community in east Africa
  • Carrier-class service including fully redundant Juniper platforms.
  • Diverse transoceanic fiber cable access with flexible backhaul options and pricing
  • Flexible and scalable connectivity options at speeds ranging from 100 Mbps (Fast  Ethernet) to 10 Gbps (10 Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Strategic IX partnerships available via cost effective meet-me-room cross connects
  • Special pricing for local loop connections to IX platform






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