DDC VPOP Service

The DDC’s VPOP solution is a simplified virtual presence solution that is a rapid, efficient, scalable, and cost effective way to expand connectivity, reach and scope of your network in Africa.  It provides quick access to global and regional networks and cloud infrastructure without the need to procure, manage, and maintain network equipment. The DDC solutions are designed to be simple, fast, and the most efficient way to develop and expand your network presence in east Africa.  The DDC provides, manages and monitors all of your connectivity services around the clock to ensure that we meet your service and security commitments.


Fully Redundant – The DDC offers fully redundant ADM hardware for customers who wish to build their networks quickly and economically 

Single Source – Fully managed ADM service includes backhaul to any cable system, cross connection and aggregations of services per the customer design requirements

Cost Efficient Model – Outsource your network expansion needs without allocating resources to establish a new presence in east Africa

Rapid Time to Market - Agile and flexible options to meet customer requirements

Global and Regional Coverage – Leverage existing infrastructure and the DDC’s global and regional relationsips to establish a network presense in the fastest growing region of the world.