DDC Features

The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) is the first and only carrier neutral data center facility in East Africa with access to all major international fibre optic systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions with Africa. These include SMW3, EIG, ESSAy, WIOCC, AAE1, SMW5, and YEMEN-Djibouti.  The DDC is a secure, environmentally controlled, and expertly managed data center facility that offers a secure home for network server, content, and caching equipment. The DDC building site is just meters away from the new international cable landing station in Djibouti City, which is the same facility where Djibouti Telecom houses it's core UMTS node.

DDC Features:

Collocation Advantages
  • Provides 99.982% SLA guaranteed uptime
  • Resilient Power
  • 7 X 24 environmental and systems monitoring
  • On-site Remote Hands Support
  • Multiple and diverse high Internet bandwidth availability
  • DjIX - The Djibouti Internet Exchange point

  • DDC connected with Djibouti Telecom cable landing stations via redundant and diverse fiber
  • Interconnected wth 11 transoceanic and regional fiber cable systems
  • All major netowrk operators present in DDC Meet-Me-Room
  • Simplified interconnect between cabinets in every row of the collocation area
  • Any point within the data center can be connected with any other point via multiple routes
  • Cabling for single and multimode fiber, Cat 6 UTP or GPO copper, can be arranged
  • All cabling is managed by structured cabling policies and is implemented by DDC technicians to guarantee availability

  • Municipal power feed provides required power the data center
  • Resilient diesel backup generators are fueled to provide 7 days of power boosted by guaranteed diesel delivery should the municipal supply fail
  • Power is cascaded to multiple resilient distribution boards that enable the servicing of multiple zones
  • Fully online UPSs ensure frequency, voltage and surge stability

  • Comprehensive perimeter and building security
  • 24 x7 Security Guard 
  • Pre-authorization required for data center access required consistent with DDC Access Policy
  • A visitor’s identity is visually confirmed against a picture on a named user list, with additional biometric confirmation through fingerprint imaging
  • Service areas are physically separated from data center areas
  • Continuous video surveillance of all zones and cabinets
  • Comprehensive audit logs are maintained on all site access
  • Customizable access policies can be implemented for private cage clients

  • Multiple cooling zones with independent HVAC
  • Temperature controlled and maintained between 22°C and 25°C seasonally adjusted
  • Independent humidity and temperature monitoring in all plenums

Physical Infrastructure
  • Cabinets comprise of 42U racks
  • An additional 200mm of depth is added per cabinet, making each cabinet 1200mm deep, allowing space for wiring, air flow and access
  • All cabinets have unique locks, ensuring that only approved personnel are able to gain access
  • Perforated front and back doors, allows for 86% air flow

Fire Protection
  • Pro-active fire monitoring systems and incorporates best practice fire protection and prevention procedures
  • Automated inert gas fire suppression systems
  • There is multi-zone monitoring
  • Diesel generators and tanks are physically separate
  • All monitoring and fire protection equipment is fed via an independent power source

  • Alarms and early warning messages alert technicians on duty
  • All areas have 24x7 intelligent monitoring and video surveillance with integrated motion sensors
  • A unified building monitoring system logs all security and environment data

Infrastructure & Service
  • Colocation facilities are available in managed client areas or a private cage
  • Clients can chose a variety of network operators or ISP’s
  • Routine daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is performed, without interruption to data center services
  • The DDC is a manned facility with remote technical support available as a backup 7 X 24


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