DDC Colocation

DDC colocation services offer scalability, continuity, and the highest levels of security for your applications, data, and systems all at a purpose-built, Tier 3 data center facility.  The DDC is a carrier neutral data center ecosystem that provides unparalleled access in east Africa to international and regional connectivity, all in a secure, environmentally controlled, and expertly managed  facility.  The DDC building site is just meters away from the Haramous international cable landing station in Djibouti City, and is interconnected to with fully redundant fiber cables to the fully redundant fiber ring interconnecting all Djibouti Telecom cable landing stations.  The DDC stands out aa a reliable and cost effective gateway hub to may of the fastest growing markets and service providers in Africa.

Private Cabling

DDC offers private cabling between any two customers in the colocation facility. This can be either UTP or fiber optic.

Backhaul and Interconnection

All transoceanic fiber cable systems landing in Djibouti are connected to the DDC facility on diverse fiber paths.  Backhaul to any cable station can be ordered directly from the DDC. The services are delivered via an ODF in the facility and the pricing includes patch cabling into the colocation rack and/or cage.  All backhaul is delivered on SMF Duplex cabling with connectors based on customer requirement.

Rack Space

The facility offers rack space as full or half racks. The supplied racks are APC Netshelter SX 42U of either 600mm or 750mm width and 1070mm deep. The racks are secured to a solid floor while power and data cabling is supplied overhead. On special request the facility can also offer caged areas and shelves for spare parts.


The facility offers at the racks 230V single phase AC power and -48V DC power.  The AC power is offered either with 16A or a 32A limit, delivered as A and B power with IEC 60309 plug (16 A 2P+E 230V ) or (32A 2P+E 230V ). DDC can also supply APC metered and/or switched PDUs, and keep spares of these at the facility.  DC power can be offered at any rack, and will be customized the requirement of each customer.  Both AC and DC power in the facility is separated as A and B feeds, each backed up by separate batteries and generators.

Hardware Management

DDC offers two options for out-of-band management access to collocated equipment including firewall/VPN or dial in phone line. DDC Colocation contracts include “smart hands” support and more packages are available for extended support on a 24/7 basis.

Need more Info?

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