The Djibouti Data Center (DDC) is the first and only carrier neutral data center facility in East Africa with access to all major international fibre optic systems connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions with Africa. These include SMW3, EIG, ESSAy, WIOCC, AAE1, SMW5, and YEMEN-Djibouti. The Djibouti Data Center is located just meters from the Djibouti Telecom international fiber cable landing station, and stands out as a reliable and cost-effective gateway hub to many of the fastest growing markets and service providers in Africa. It offers a robust product portfolio, which includes flexible options for simplified, competitively-priced cable head access, backhaul, for both global and regional network operators; colocation, Virtual Point of Presence (vPOP) and an Internet Exchange Point (DjIX); all at a purpose-built, Tier 3 data center facility.

DDC Benefits

Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX):  The Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX) has taken a leadership position is east Africa to extend Internet coverage, reduce network latency, improve network resiliency, and reduce costs in order to promote the  “good of the Internet” for communities across the region.

DDC Collocation:  The DDC data center’s colocation services offer scalability, continuity and highest levels of security for your applications, data, and systems. Our carrier-neutral facility provides access to unparalleled international and regional connectivity, all in an environmentally controlled, and expertly managed data center facility.
Cable Head Access, Cross Connect, and Backhaul:  All submarine cables landing at the Djibouti cable landing stations are connected to the DDC facility on diverse fiber paths. These include Backhaul to any cable head, which can be ordered directly from the DDC.

DDC VPOP Service: The DDC’s VPOP solution is a virtual presence solution that is a rapid, efficient, and cost effective way to expand connectivity, reach and scope of your network in Africa.  It provides simplified access to global and regional networks and cloud infrastructure without the need to procure, manage, and maintain network equipment.  Solutions are designed to be simple, fast, and the most efficient way to develop and expand your network presence in east Africa. 

DDC Meet-Me Room:  The DDC Meet-Me Room offers carriers providing voice and data services, as well as Internet Exchange services, an economical cross connect capability.  Physical connections can be accommodated via UTP or fiber optic cable between any hosted racks.

Content Delivery Services:  The DDC offers CDN and content service providers a unique home for their network nodes in East Africa.  Content typically associated with Internet services, including media streaming, can be cached locally and regionally in East Africa to improve on-net delivery, reduce demand on global infrastructure, and to generate incremental revenue from the growing content market in Africa.

Need more Info?

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